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Inertia Nutcracker

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Drill Cracker

Black Walnut Cracker - also cracks filbert nuts, hazel nuts, almonds, English walnuts, macadamia nuts, and any other hard shell nut with speed and ease. Fill a bucket in just 5 minutes!

Our Price: $449.00
Drill Cracker Popular Options

Drill Cracker Popular Options

Large Nut Wizard
Macadamia Nut Cracker

Heavy-duty macadamia nut cracker

Our Price: $109.95
Get Crackin' Black Walnut Cracker

Get Crackin' makes light work out of cracking hard nuts.

Our Price: $37.95

The Kinetic Kracker electric pecan sheller has been a consistent seller for us. The Kinetic Kracker is capable of cracking 1,560 pecans an hour. It does a wonderful job and is loved by all.

Retail: $449.00
On Sale: $374.00
You Save: 17%
Electric Pecan Cracker Options

Popular Kinetic Kracker Options

Electric Pecan Cracker
Duke Pecan Cracker

Duke's Easy Pecan and Nut Cracker is one of the best selling traditional nut crackers available.

Our Price: $19.95
Inertia Nutcracker

The Inertia Cracker is an easy to use pecan and nut cracker. The quick strike hammer action allows the pecan and nut to be cracked without damaging the meat inside, leaving perfect halves after the shell is peeled off.

Our Price: $44.95
Kenkel Cracker-Black Walnut

The Kenkel Cracker uses a long handle to leverage cracking black walnuts. The Kenkel Cracker is fast and easy to use.

Our Price: $42.95