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Ammo Picker Uppers

Ammo Picker Uppers for brass, shotgun shells and spent paintballs!

Holt's Nut Wizard Mini (Ammo)

Nut Wizard Mini (Ammo) for perfect for .22 casings and up. Picks up casings and nuts 3/8" to 1" in size.

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Holt's Nut Wizard Extra Small

The Extra Small Nut Wizard picks up nuts and ammo sizes 3/8" to 1". Perfect for 9mm casings and up, beechnuts, pin/chinquapi nuts and small pecans.

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Swap Out Kits

Have an Ammo Up but need to pick up a different sized ammo? Don't buy a new unit! Get a swap kit!

From $39.95
In Stock
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