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Pressing bags

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The fruit pressing bag is considered an essential part for us here at Happy Valley Ranch. It is NOT an accessory. It is vital to the process of owning and operating a Happy Valley Ranch press. A great pressing bag and a substandard pressing bag could mean the difference between a quality end product or unwanted waste. We understand this fact and take pride in the manufacturing of our pressing bags.

Our fruit press bags were specially designed to allow our customers to have a tailored experience. Happy Valley Ranch wants to ensure our customers receive a maximum flow of juice with the least amount of particulates or fruit pieces in it. We also wanted to provide a durable and long lasting product unmatched in the market. Happy Valley Ranch pressing bags, with regular upkeep and cleaning, can last up to eight years.

The material of the pressing bags were specifically made to meet our strict standards and the standards our customers demand. Despite the time and attention we devote to this essential product, we also understand the market and continue to provide exceptional value right at market price.

Product details:

  1. Pressing bags made of heavy nylon and customized mesh design. The small bags are designed for the Yakima and the large bags are designed for the American Harvester, Homesteader and Pioneer tubs.
  2. Easy to insert. Bags should hang over sides approximately 5 inches. Fill 3/4 full and then twist top like a garbage bag. Place pressure disk on top of bag and watch as your juice begins to flow. Bags are reusable for up to eight years.
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