Kenkel Cracker Black Walnut Cracker Kenkel Cracker Black Walnut Cracker Southern Garden Tools The Kenkel Cracker uses a long handle to leverage cracking black walnuts. The Kenkel Cracker is fast and easy to use. KenkelBWC 69.95 855SHELLER.COM
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Kenkel Cracker Black Walnut Cracker

Kenkel Cracker Black Walnut Cracker
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Kenkel Cracker-Black Walnut
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Hard Shell Nuts Don't Have To Be Hard To Crack

This popular Kenkel Cracker provides you with an easy solution to cracking hard shell nuts. It's long handle gives you the right leverage to apply the right pressure to crack any walnut or even Macadamia nut. Let the Kenkel Cracker take the hard work out of cracking your hard shell nuts so you can enjoy the nutmeat gifts from your trees easier.

Simple To Use

2 bolts hold the Kenkel Cracker back walnut cracker onto a sturdy board or even workshop table. Place your walnut in the cracker cup, put the long lever handle down, and have a nicely cracked walnut. Peel away the rest of the shell and enjoy your nutmeat. If the nut cracking power isn't what you need it to be, you can simply adjust the top nut cracking cup. Practice makes perfect in all things and walnuts are one of my favorite practice tools.

American Made Quality

Each Kenkel Cracker is American hand made with heavy industrial metal for you to easily crack the toughest hard shell nuts. The secret to cracking hard shell nuts like walnuts and macadamia nuts is to use hard metal to break through that hard shell exterior.

Lifetime Guarentee

The Kenkel Cracker is a family operated business, backed by a lifetime guarantee. Try finding that with a cheap Chinese model and you will find a cheaply made nutcracker that will not last a lifetime. Save yourself the time, money, and heartache. Buy a genuine Kenkel Cracker.

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Kenkel Cracker Black Walnut Cracker
Kenkel Cracker Black Walnut Cracker
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