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EZ Creamer Corn Creamer/Corn Cutter

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EZ Creamer Corn Cutter Tool


The EZ Creamer has been discontinued. Please see our listing for Kerry's Corn Creamer System

The EZ Creamer is the fastest way to put up whole kernel or cream style corn. Not only is it a corn creamer tool, but it also de-silks and shucks too! The drill-powered EZ-Creamer is efficient and easy to use, making it the most productive and fastest residential corn creamer on the market today.

Simple To Operate

Attach the included corn cob screw to a 1600 RPM (or faster) electric drill and you're off and running. The EZ Creamer comes with a de-silker/shucker assembly tube. corn creamer & whole kernel attachments.

Drill Powered Corn Cutter

When you have a whole bounty of ears of corn from your harvest that are ready to be prepared and put away, you need a high speed system to take the corn off the cob in record time for you. It doesn't matter if you are wanting whole kernel corn, cream style corn, or both, the EZ Creamer is the system for you. Our EZ Creamer system will produce buckets of fresh whole kernel and juicy creamed corn in mere minutes.

How Does It Work?

When you receive your EZ Creamer you can easily attach it to a table with 2 included mounting screws or if you want to be able to easily transfer it for use at Farmer's Markets or even just storage, a simple C clamp will hold it just as well. When you are ready to get started, attach the corncob drill screw to your 1600 RPM corded drill, then run the specially designed corncob drill screw into your ear of corn that has the ends cut off and husks still on. The corncob drill screw has deep grooves to hold firm and steady to your ear of corn while you are husking and creaming your corn. Once you are ready, turn your drill on and insert the ear of corn with husks still on into the EZ Creamer husker tube. In just seconds your corncob will be free of husk and corn silk. Now, depending on if you would like whole kernel corn or creamed style corn, insert your corncob into the correct tube. We provide both tubes for easy set up and quick changes when you need to go from one to the other. The EZ Creamer tube has adjustable brackets inside so you can decide how creamy your corn will be. Just a few seconds in the creaming tube is all it takes, any longer and you will start cutting into your cob. The whole kernel tube has a clamping device that you gently hold while you move the corncob down the tube slowly to remove whole kernels. Your results after using the creamer tube and the whole kernel tube will be a cleaned off corncob and piles of fresh corn ready to be put away.

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