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Kerry's Whole Kernel Corn Cutting System

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Corn Creamer Tube
Corn Creamer Tube
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Kerry's Corn Shucker/Desilker
Kerry's Corn Shucker/Desilker
$24.00 | In Stock

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Clever Cleaver
Clever Cleaver
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Bag Holders

Baggy Rack
Baggy Rack
$12.95 | In Stock

Extra Screws

Pair of Cob Screws
Pair of Cob Screws
$12.00 | In Stock

Introducing Kerry's Whole Kernel System

Made in the USA by the leader in home harvest equipment.

This easy-to-use whole kernel system moves kernels from the cob in mere seconds.  No more messy knuckle busters that can be dangerous!  Kerry's Whole Kernel Corn System was made with customer suggestions in mind-- we listen to your feedback!  With this feedback, we have designed an easy-to-use, durable and long-lasting corn dekerneler at an affordable price. 

With other dekernelers, you may have to manually scrub the corn across metal grates-- it's tiring, messy, ineffective and just plain dangerous!  If you've never scrapped your knuckle on one of those, consider yourself lucky!  You just want the kernels-- why so much trouble?  Our unit features a mountable bracket for ease of use-- you'll have fresh corn kernels in seconds!  Serve up the freshest of corn in your recipes and casseroles!  Soups!  Chowders!  Dips!  Don't use canned corn!  Kerry's Whole Kernel System makes easy work of removing kernels.  

This system couldn't be easier to use!  We kept that in mind so that customers could go from corn on the cob to kernels only in an instant!  To use, simply slide the corn cutter onto the mountable bracket, feed shucked corn onto the provided screw on a drill, insert the corn into the cutter while pressing the handle and watch as your perfectly whole kernels fall out of the tube and into your preferred container.

Kerry's Corn Shucker & Desilker

Easy-to-use system that has you shucking and desilking corn fast and effectively. The American-made product clamps on easily to a table. Cut the ends off the corn and feed onto drill. Insert cob into Kerry's Corn Shucker and Desilker entirely and spin the corn until the shucks fly off. Spinning slower, gently run the tips of the ear up and down to remove silk. Ta da! Your ear of corn is free from husks and silk. It's really that simple. Made with durable parts-- no metal pieces that can break. This purchase is directly from the manufacturer for fast shipping and low prices!

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