Lee's Corn Cutter Lee's Corn Cutter Lee Manufacturing The Original Lee's Corn Cutter. Easily cut whole kernel or yummy cream-style corn. Don't be fooled by the others with flimsy blades that bend and break! Lee's Corn Cutter has been making corn lovers happy since the 1930's. LeeCC LeeCC 12.95 855SHELLER.COM

Lee's Corn Cutter

Lee's Corn Cutter
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Lee's Corn Cutter
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Lee's Corn Cutter

The Original Corn Cutter Tool

I remember as a young child watching my mom use this very Lee's Corn Cutter and now here we are, a leading sales dealer for them! When something works so right, there is no reason to change it. Lee's Corn Cutter is a perfect example. The Original Lee's Corn Cutter was first manufactured in the 1930's and the high quality wooden board with stainless steel blades has withstood the test of time when it comes to creamed and whole kernel corn right off the cob. Use it to go from whole ears of corn to creamed or whole kernel corn in just minutes. There have been many cheaply made knock-offs, but for time tested quality, you only want Lee's Corn Cutter.

So Easy To Use

Lee's Corn Cutter is extremely easy to use, especially when you are craving fresh creamed corn for supper that night. Place your corn cutter over a bowl, resting one end against your counter or wall for even easier preparation. Check to make sure the stainless steel blades and scrapers are adjusted to the position you prefer. The right cutter blade adjustments can change your results from creamed corn to whole kernel corn within seconds. Take your husked ear of corn and firmly run the cob along the groove in your wooden board and over the corn cutters. Your whole kernels or creamed corn kernels with yummy juices will fall right into the bowl below. Discard the cleaned off corncob and you are finished. Simple and easy! You can have fresh, tasty corn straight from your garden or harvest to your table thanks to Lee's Corn Cutter.

Ready For Fresh Corn?

All this talk of fresh whole kernel and creamed corn right off the cob has my mouth watering. I am so glad I can go home tonight and use my very own Lee's Corn Cutter and you can have yours soon as well! We offer same day shipping so you can have fresh creamed corn tomorrow night! Order your very own Lee's Corn Cutter today so you can enjoy your harvest of corn.

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Lee's Corn Cutter
Lee's Corn Cutter
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