Autocracker Electric Pecan Cracker Autocracker Electric Pecan Cracker Default Manufacturer Same great design as our bestselling Kinetic Kracker but with an auto-feed bin! You asked for it and here it is! ElectricPecanCracker Autocracker AutoCracker 5.0 1 799.95 855SHELLER.COM
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Autocracker Electric Pecan Cracker

Autocracker Electric Pecan Cracker
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For years, we have manufactured the fastest residential electric pecan cracker on the market. This cracker is simply a customer favorite-- a true finger saver! As customers provided praises for the Kinetic Kracker, many requested a "hopper" where the pecan would auto-feed for cracking. Per customer requests and through careful design and engineering, we present to you the:

AutoCracker Electric Pecan Cracker.

The AutoCracker features all the best qualities of the Kinetic Kracker but with a one-quart hopper that holds pecans and delivers them to the cracking cradle.  The cylinder rotates, the crack is delivered and the pecan-- perfectly cracked-- drops below.  The Autocracker is easily adjustable for pecan size to ensure that each pecan is delivered optimally to the cracking cradle.  As always, the cracker automatically adjusts each crack for pecan size-- no under or over cracking.

The AutoCracker builds on the Kinetic Kracker in safety.  The Kinetic Kracker features an enveloping shield to minimize shell shatter and prevent fingers from being smashed.

The AutoCracker is fully American-made and is backed by our Platinum Two-Year Warranty.  If it should fail during the warranty period, we will pay to pick up the AutoCracker,  (FedEx or UPS), quickly repair it (usually within 72 hours) and ship it back to you-- at absolutely no cost to you.  We've honored that warranty for the last 8 years because our motto is, "If it works for the first 10 minutes, it will last for 10 years."  Well, it'll actually last a lot longer because we are still repairing them from the 1980's!

Fun to Watch

It's kind of mesmerizing to watch.  Seeing the pecan sliding down the chute, being stopped at the first gate like waiting at a railroad crossing.  As the gate goes up it starts progressing only to be stopped by another gate.

Finally allowed past the second gate the pecan almost- just almost- makes it to the end of the tube before the tube rolls and the nut flops perfectly on to rotating cylinder below.  In a short time, the receiving chamber comes around and the pecan drops into the chamber.  Just as it settles, the heavy steel anvil slides the pecan up against the cracking cup as it disappears behind the shield.

A blink of an eye later and the distinctive WHACK! That only the Kinetic Kracker makes.  As the cracked pecan falls out the bottom we see the goody inside.

And the process starts all over again.

We Listen to Our Customers

We've spent years trying to develop an automatic pecan feeder for Kinetic Kracker.  The problem with an auto feeder for pecans is they prefer to bunch up like rugby players rather than line up like kindergartners heading to the play ground.

We tried all sorts of things.  Then a customer called one day with a novel idea.  He sent us a rough prototype.  After lots of trial and error, we came up with something that ALMOST worked. 

Then we brought in a team of engineers and machine fabricators.  These guys brought in laptops with CAD programs, calipers and depth gauges and some things I don't know what to call them.  The CNC, lathes, and saws, and drill presses in my shop were being contorted to churn out the strangest of things.

Somehow it all fits together.

Now we have the only table top pecan cracker based on the Inertia Nutcracker and Kinetic Kracker principles of cracking pecans.

Best Way to Crack Pecans

Some nutcrackers try to crush the pecans on the side. Then all you actually get is bits and pieces.

The best way to crack pecans is a sharp snap to the ends.  This destroys the shell while leaving the nutmeat whole.  Why?  Because there is a small gap in the nose and tail of the pecan. A very quick, moderately hard snap causes the shell to split with the grain (like wood).

Please Order Now for Soonest Delivery

We're trying to get out AutoCrackers as soon as possible.  There are two hold ups.  We're waiting on the motor manufacturer (USA) to ramp up production.  Second, there are a lot of custom made parts that we make in house and have to order from a local metal shop.

After we have the parts, it all has to be carefully assembled.   There are steps, some things have got to be put together before other things can be attached.  This may look like a simple device but there is timing and synchronization and tight tolerance issues.

The current ship time on the AutoCracker is January.  We have a long list of customers who have submitted their names for first right of purchase on the AutoCracker.  However, first come, first serve so do not delay in purchasing yours today.  Are you one of our loyal customers who has enjoyed the Kinetic Kracker?  Call us for a special introductory offer on the AutoCracker.  This offer is limited time only. 

Reviews and Ratings


Excellent Machine

This is awesome! I can really appreciate the engineering that went into making this happen. Variations in nut sizes, getting the appropriate clearances, timing the rotations, making everything the proper size and strength. Way, way more as I'm sure you know. Extremely nice. You should be proud.

Submitted by: Nick on 11/02/2018 07:11:25 AM

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