Nut Wizard Mini (Ammo) Nut Wizard Mini (Ammo) Nut Wizard Nut Wizard Mini (Ammo) for perfect for .22 casings and up. Picks up casings and nuts 3/8" to 1" in size. 6541 NW10:NW10 NW-10 50404910320 58.95 855SHELLER.COM

Nut Wizard Mini (Ammo)

Nut Wizard Mini (Ammo)
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Bamabots Mini Nut Wizard

The smaller 10" Ammo Wizard is used to pick up smaller nuts, seeds, fruits, pistol brass, and balls between 3/8" and 1" in diameter. We recommend these for pin, chinquapin, black, live, post, and scarlet oaks, small acorns, or even pistol shells. The Ammo Wizard makes picking up smaller shells and nuts a breeze. The Ammo Wizard has two options: the standard blue handle or the portable retractable handle-- perfect for on-the-go.

Nut Wizards Overview

Nut Wizards

Item Size Basket Nut Size Examples Add
Holt's Nut Wizard Mini (Ammo)
Holt's Nut Wizard Mini (Ammo)
From $58.95
10 in.
38" to 1"
pin, chinquapin, small acorns, .22 brass
11 in.
3/8" to 1"
pin, chinquapin, small acorns, 9mm brass
12 in.
1/2" to 2"
pecans, hazel nuts, crab apples, bitternuts, large acorns
14 in.
1" to 2"
English walnuts, large pecans, shotgun shells, golf balls
17 in.
1" to 4"
black walnuts, sweet gumballs, apple sized fruit, tennis balls

Nut Wizards

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Out of Stock
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